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Interactive Brokers rating

Interactive Brokers
$0.70 per contract if Premium => $0.10 + exchange fees
$0.50 per contract if $0.05 =< Premium < USD 0.10 + exchange fees
$0.25 per contract if Premium < $0.05 + exchange fees

Interactive Brokers Options Trading

Interactive Brokers is one of the cheapest brokerage firms to trade options. Based on their pricing, trading 5 contracts costs anywhere between $1.25 and $3.50 depending on premium plus exchange fees. This low pricing is a huge advantage for those clients who don鈥檛 want their profits eaten up by commissions.

Another huge plus of Interactive Brokers is that they have the lowest published margin rates we鈥檝e seen: 3.20% for debit balance of $0 - $25,000; 2.41% for debit balance of $25,001 - $300,000. That鈥檚 between 4 and 6 points below most other brokers and this low rate allows you to use leverage to amplify returns more successfully.

Best options commissions

The word of caution: Interactive Brokers has a $10 monthly minimum commission requirement to avoid the $10 monthly inactivity fee and $10 monthly market data fee. This means that clients who trade only infrequently might pay up to $240 per year in fees (or $360 if their account holds less than $2,000)! Minimum to open most accounts is steep $10,000. Also, margin calls at this brokerage are merciless. A good amount of customers are getting wiped out.

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Low Cost Options
Options Trading

Firstrade rating

$0 + $0 per contract

Firstrade Options Trading

Firstrade is one of the lowest priced online brokers that offer flat-rate pricing. Their options commissions are $0 base and no extra per contract.

Traders at Firstrade can pull option chains quickly and easily and take advantage of the auto-fill function for orders. There is no need to enter the strike price, symbol, and expiration date - they simply click and execute. Sophisticated option strategies like spreads and straddles are also available.

Cheapest options commissions

The approval for options trading is not automatically granted to investors after account opening due to the complicated nature of the transactions, as well as the additional exposure to risks. To get access traders will need to complete an easy Options Application and Agreement document.

If you have never heard about the company, there is nothing to worry: it is a member of both FINRA and SIPC. This means that the broker is highly regulated and customer accounts are insured in case of firm failure for up to $500,000 each.

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$0 commissions + up to $200 in transfer fee rebates.

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How to Trade Options Before Earnings or News Release

Like a sexy gal that can cook or an inside source at the racetrack, an actionable option strategy prior to an earnings release is something that traders know must be out there, yet it remains elusive. Most investors looking to capitalize on an earnings beat or miss simply buy calls or puts. Some of the more sophisticated speculators even get long both a call and a put (straddle/strangle), thinking that if the stock moves enough one way or the other, they'll come out at least a little bit ahead.

Limited Risk 鈥 High Reward

The allure of only being long calls and/or puts is that a trader knows their maximum risk as soon as they enter the order. If a call on Apple costs $100, then $100 is the most you can lose, plus you have the chance to "rake it in" if Apple moves significantly before the option expires.

Therein lies the trouble with most long-side option strategies prior to earnings announcements...since no one knows what the earnings report will hold, or how the underlying stock will react; the demand for options goes up markedly before the announcement. Both speculators and shareholders looking to insure against volatility are clamoring for options which dramatically increases the premiums, making puts and calls overpriced.

Being the Bookie

Everyone knows that taking bets is more profitable long-term than making bets. Especially if the wager has very favorable odds for the house. This is exactly what overpriced options are for the seller 鈥 a game that stacks the deck against the buyer. In general, immediately after earnings are released, the demand for - as well as the volatility premium built into - calls and puts, evaporates. Even those that theoretically have both upside and downside covered find it difficult to profit once that "premium of the unknown" is gone from their asset.

So the obvious solution would appear to be: become a seller of options. If only it were that easy! Unless you have the bottomless pockets of a Goldman Sachs, the unlimited risk part of being a naked option seller will be too much for you and your broker's heart to take.

Cheapest options trading

Credit Spreads

In order to take advantage of the inflated premiums in the option market prior to an earnings announcement, yet mitigate the risk of selling uncovered (naked) puts/calls, the go to strategies are "bull put credit" and "bear call credit" spreads.

Rather than getting bogged down in the stock XYZ trading at $50 - type explanation, I'll leave it to a google search for those wanting the nuts and bolts of how to construct the option spreads mentioned above. The focus here is how to maximize the profit from these spreads and that is accomplished in the unwinding.


Once the earnings report comes out and the market is digesting and reacting to the numbers, option prices revert to a more realistic reflection of future prospects. This allows the options trader to unwind his pre-earnings position and cash in on the uncertainty that was prevelant prior to the announcement. Does it work every time? No. Does it provide enough profit to get an address on easy street if it's all a trader does? No. But it works often enough and provides a boost to the bottom line to make it a worthwhile play to investigate further.

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